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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Moody’s May Reduce Ratings on $34 Billion of Student-Loan Bonds

From Bloomberg Business: “The debt rankings are being threatened amid the U.S.’s sluggish economic recovery from the 2007-09 recession, as borrowers miss payments or tap relief programs, including increasingly popular income-based and similar repayment arrangements being pushed by the Obama administration. Those plans make monthly bills more affordable while extending loan terms.” Read More

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News: Bank of America Settlement

The Bank of America settlement with the DOJ of $17 billion, designates $7 billion for consumer relief. Almost $1.4 million is coming to Florida. BOA settlement yields almost $1.4 million for foreclosure-related legal assistance in Florida.

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Meet Constance d’Angelis

Constance will be attending the Oxford Exchange book fair tomorrow, May 3 in Tampa, FL. She’ll be manning a booth with Hiland Doolittle, author of “The Last Parade” and promoting her own book, “The 7 Laws of Inner Peace” which will be available in paperback, e-book & audio versions. If you plan to attend, be […]

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