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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Student Debt over $20K/borrower has doubled in last 10 years

Nearly half of student loan borrowers owe at least $20K when leaving school Older borrowers taking out student loans – average age exceeds 34 Fewer are paying down debt in 5 years: 60% of borrowers not reducing balances are delinquent This new report, titled “CFPB Data Point: Student Loan Repayment,” is available at:   General statistics: […]

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Student Loan Debt informational blog by Constance d’Angelis, Esq. STUDENT LOAN PREDATORY LENDING SCHEME enabled by Private Equity Firm SEC shuts down PRIVATE EQUITY firm for defrauding 1,500 investors. Consumer Finance Bureau and 7 States Attorneys General sue PRIVATE EQUITY firm. Proposed Settlement $183.3K for 41,000 harmed Student Borrowers. Private Equity Firm (Aequitas Capital Management, […]

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Could Student Loan Debt Usher In Another Financial Crisis?

We experienced a Mortgage Debt Crisis 10 years ago, are we setting the table for another? by: Constance d’Angelis As United States Bankruptcy attorneys during the financial decline fostered by the substantial mortgage debt default commencing in 2007, my colleagues and I reviewed the government activities including the Home Affordable program; and considered other possibilities […]

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Is “forbearance” a form of probation for Student Loan Borrowers, or a prison sentence? Is it a boon or a bust for Student Loan Borrowers? By Kunal Thakkar University of South Florida Intern for Constance d’Angelis, Attorney-at-Law Note by Constance d’Angelis: Intern, Kunal Thakkar expresses his viewpoint about the subject of forbearance. This blog is […]

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