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About Us

Constance d' AngelisConstance d’Angelis launched The Institute for Peaceful Solutions, Corp. in 2013. The key objective of the organization is the development of educational programs for attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants; and ADR professionals, legal negotiators, mediators and other conflict resolution experts.

The cornerstone of our commitment to professional education is the preparation and presentation of quality, specialized and evolutionary programs on new trend topics of consequence, significance and interest.

Continued dedication to high standards of excellence represented by the content and faculty of our legal education programs has resulted in success. Our course “Modifying Mortgages in Bankruptcy” is approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida as a Mortgage Mediator training course; and accredited by The Florida Bar for general and ethics credit as well as Certification Credits for Board Certified lawyers.

With respect to the “Mortgage Modification” course, expert bankruptcy lawyer, Jay D. Passer, Esq. is co-author of the dramatized initial consultation that illustrates the important points regarding loan modifications in bankruptcy. He and colleague, Frank Principe, analyze and discuss the critical issues connected with this type of legal practice.

The courses, which are offered, live and digitally as webinars, seminars, and video presentations center on hot-button issues, fresh legislation, newly appearing legal trends, and developing legal negotiation issues.

Some individuals who were instrumental in the development of the organization include: Cathy Wagner, Elyssa Gardner, Kristen Foltz, Marina Shemwell, Jim Webb, Janet Sciales and especially the expert presenters who gave of their time and talent to promote cutting edge concepts in a traditional manner.

We appreciate your feedback on our programs, as well as suggestions on course topics.
We encourage participation and contribution with respect to co-creating continuing legal and mediation education programs. Anyone who wishes to assist in continuing education program development is welcome.