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The new trend in residential mortgage modifications: Modifying Mortgages in Bankruptcy


  • Discover current residential mortgage mediation programs, techniques and nuances in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Gain CLE Credits: Florida – 9.0 General; 1.0 Ethics. Certification credits – Real Estate: 9.0; and Business Litigation: 7.0  Nevada – 7.5 General; 1.0 Ethics (60 minute hours)
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida Approved
  • Access course anytime: online video anytime
  • Return to course sessions any time
  • Choose audio versions (download mp3)
  • Receive course certificate via email immediately
  • Supplemental materials available any time in PDF format
  • Materials downloadable, printable and iPad accessible
  • Review general consumer bankruptcy law
  • Garner practical training in required documentation for mortgage modifications
  • Perfect technical aspects Chapter 13 Chapter 7 residential mortgage modifications
  • Review specific bankruptcy provisions in Consumer Debtor Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Glean general Florida mortgage foreclosure law issues and mediation process as relating to bankruptcy filings
  • Comprehend ethics standards
  • Thoroughly review current loss mitigation and federal foreclosure assistance and proprietary programs
  • Obtain viewpoints from practicing Bankruptcy Counsel and Mediators
  • Easily assimilate consumer debtor/creditor issues via mock mediation and hypothetical debtor scenario
  • Experience skits designed to depict the many issues encountered in bankruptcy practice
  • Receive reference copies of bankruptcy court orders