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Conscious Dying: Life After Death?

According to Deepak Chopra, medical doctor, author of many books and other publications including Life After Death: The Burden of Proof,  many of us devise a reason to be alive from our feelings. We pursue the feelings of being safe, loved, happy and fulfilled. We connect to the soul through these desires, and are motivated to move into the subtle realm of the indiscernible for the same reason. Peace and fulfillment come through direct communication with the inner self, the soul. Bringing the afterlife into the present moment, opens up an immense new area of life and living.

I’ve done considerable research, both legal and otherwise and have had significant personal experiences in this subject. I’ve come to consider how self-awareness and intention to consciously approach death and the dying process can open up a subtle level of perception. These delicately complex sensations gently connect us with the realm of the invisible. This openness lessens the identification with physical feelings and fears, including the fear of death. We can access a required power of opening our ability, which will propel us to know something as profound as what happens after death.

Being an attorney in the highly publicized, controversial right-to-die case of Terri Schiavo, which sparked the “culture wars” of the early 2000’s; I have taken my actions to heart. In the process of reconciling my substantive role of establishing through expert witness testimony the ward’s medical diagnosis of “Persistent Vegetative State”, I commenced a spiritual odyssey.  My quest culminated in my book, The 7 Laws of Inner Peace. Currently, I’m revising and creating a sequel based on enhanced understanding, wisdom, and compassion gained through adventure, competition, meditative self-determination, law and the healing arts.

Now, I’m applying these principles in mindful examination of conscious death and dying.

I’ve written an article.

In “Life After Death: The Burden of Proof” the author mentions Terri Schiavo directly. He writes: “…a forty-one-year old brain-dead woman in Florida named Terri Schiavo became the focus for a war between faith and science. …”

Further, Deepak Chopra states that, “…The schism between science and religion is more than faith versus materialism. …”

There are many assumptions in this chasm of discord and separation. Much is being borne out today in the political trauma of disunion, conflict and partition.

I feel a strong connection with the political, legal, scientific, spiritual and religious aspects. Duly, I address some of these issues in my presentations and writings.

In my recent article, I’ve chosen a solution-oriented approach to the death and dying process. Although, I’m delving into the strife, enmity and friction. A sure way to endanger our world through war. In this new work, I’m keeping my eye on mechanisms to relieve our individual selves and society from the burden of rift, division and rupture. Coming soon.

Check out my solution-oriented article:

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