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Mortgage Modification Mediation

Experienced Debtor/Creditor Counsel and Mediators practicing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and Florida State Courts discuss loss mitigation, mortgage modifications and issues surrounding how the bankruptcy and foreclosure laws affect mortgage loan modification possibilities.

This course provides practical training and complies with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida’s requirements to become a Certified Mortgage Mediator (Administrative Order FLMB 2015-5); and has been approved by the bankruptcy court.

Interactive CLE Credits
Florida: 9.5 General; 1.0 Ethics; CME Eligible* (50 minute hours)
Certification credits – Real Estate: 9.5; and Business Litigation: 9.5
Nevada: 7.5 General; 1.0 Ethics. (60 minute hours)More Information


National Trend: Mortgage Modification – U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

This course provides pertinent and current information regarding the procedures and law that must be adhered to by attorneys and mediators, including thorough review of the administrative orders governing the Mortgage Modification Mediator certification process, and the practice of Mortgage Modification Mediation in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Attorneys and mediators who seek better understanding of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s function with respect to the Mortgage Modification process will benefit from this course.

Interactive CLE Credits
Florida: 2.5 General; .5 Ethics – CME Eligible*
Certification credits – Civil Trial: 2.5; and Real Estate: 2.5
California: 2.0 General; .5 Ethics
New York: 2.5 General More Information


Student Loan Debt – Disability Discharges

This course identifies the types of Student Loan debt and the options available to student loan borrowers based on current federal law including administrative and legal considerations, and details the application process for obtaining a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge of a Federal Student Loan.

Additionally, the course sets forth the specific requirements and guidelines associated with obtaining a discharge, and the effects of receiving a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge.

Interactive CLE Credits
  2.0 General
New York: 2.0 General More Information


 Student Loans and Solutions 

The course identifies the types of Student Loan debt; and the options available to student loan borrowers based on current federal law including administrative and legal considerations. And, provides information on the practical aspects of dealing with educational loans through repayment plans, deferment, forbearance, loan rehabilitation, compromise and settlement agreements, and disability.

The course is applicable for lawyers and staff. There are alternatives available for restructuring educational loans pursuant to existing federal administrative programs. Where these solutions are not obtainable, this course notes both state court and federal bankruptcy court considerations.

Interactive CLE Credits
Florida: 3.0 General; 0.5 Ethics
New York: 3.0 General More Information


Ethics: Attorney as Litigator and Mediator

How does an attorney who is also a mediator balance the equities, adhere to the qualities of both legal and mediation practice, and stay within the boundaries of ethical requirements of both disciplines? This course offers practical skills for the lawyer who must zealously represent his/her client, and the lawyer who is charged with the duties of an alternative dispute resolution professional.

Interactive CLE Credits
Florida: 1.5 General; 1.5 Ethics; CME Eligible*
New York: 1.5 General More Information


Mortgage Modification Tips

This course is designed for Attorneys, Mediators, staff and even consumers. The number one pitfall or problem in obtaining a borrower loan modification is the improper, untimely or incomplete preparation of financial documentation. This class outlines and shows how to properly prepare the government forms including the Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA), the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac form 710, and 4506-­‐T. The actual forms are reviewed and specific areas identified. The program illustrates what is necessary to improve success in Mortgage Mediations including additional tips from experts in the field who are presenting the program.

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* Accredited by The Florida Bar for Continuing Legal Education
This course is eligible for CME hours. Mediators are required to self report those hours applicable to their areas of certification at the time of their renewal. For more information on the CME requirement, visit,, select Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation.