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1. How do I know my purchase has been completed successfully?
You will receive a Confirmation Receipt by email. You will also be able to access your course inside the login area.

2. How do I access my online course I have purchased?

  • Click “Log in to My Class” in the top right corner of any page.
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3. Are materials available for the mp3 version or the online version of the course? If so, when can you download them?
There are download links on all electronic delivery pages for all collateral course materials. DVD and CD versions also come with web links to download course materials.

4. Can I print my Course Materials?
Yes. The course materials are all PDF files and can be downloaded and printed as your choice.

5. When I enroll in this course how long do I have to view it?
Your course will be available for 180 days. If you wish to access it beyond 180 days, contact us.

6. How do I watch or listen to a course?
Streaming Video:
Video is streamed to your computer through your Internet browser; constant broadband Internet connection needed. The videos should play on all devices thought the browsers.

MP3: Downloadable audio format; can be played on your computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, smart phone or MP3 player. After you download the file you can listen anytime even without an Internet connection. We have also included audio files on the web site the can be played through your web browser.

CD Or DVD: You will be sent a set of discs. View or listen to your courses with any compatible device.

7. What if I have freezing or playback issues?
This usually happens if your internet speed is slow. What you can do: Click play then pause the video and allow some time for the video to download to your computer. Give it a minute or two, then click to play and it should be fine.

8. Can I get back into a Session where I have stopped or do I have to restart the Session once I have left it?
You may access any file at any time. The video player will not remember where in the video you left off, but it’s easy to use the controls to make the last video you were viewing start in the middle or wherever you left off. All videos are available for viewing at any time. As you finish each of the video lesson there is a button to mark the video as completed to help you organize what you have done.

9. I cannot view the video.
The video have been tested on most devices for compatibility. If you experience issues playing the video please submit a technical support email us and we will help to resolve the issue.

10. How do I access and print my certificate of Attendance?
Your Certificate is available once you click “Mark as Complete” on all of the videos.

11. How can I get technical, general and/or billing support for my course?
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Questions Regarding Modifying Mortgages in Bankruptcy Course


1. What CLE are offered on this course?
General 9.0 Ethics 1.0
Certification Credits: Business Litigation 7.0 Real Estate 9.0

ADR Professionals / Mediators

1. Does this course apply towards CME credits?
YES – Course eligible for Continuing Mediator Education (CME) Self Reporting – use CLE course number.

2. Where may I find more information on the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida pertaining to this course?
Please see the Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court web site.

3. Has your course been approved by the Middle District Bankruptcy Court?
This course, Modifying Residential Mortgages in Bankruptcy has been approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida as a course certifying “mortgage mediators” pursuant to Administrative Order (A/O) FLMB 2015-5.

4. Is there a requirement to have handled a certain number of bankruptcy cases to be eligible for mediator status, and if so, in what time frame?
With respect to applying to the Bankruptcy Court to be included in the panel of “Mortgage Mediators”, there is no requirement to have handled bankruptcy cases in the past.

5. Is there any similar training for the Northern or Southern District of Florida?
At this time, we have not adapted the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida approved course specifically for the Northern or Southern District of Florida. Much of the course material applies to all three districts in Florida, and even other states, in that this course is based on the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and processes.

6. I may be interested, if I knew that the work is obtainable.
Once a “mortgage mediator” is approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and a member of the panel of “mortgage mediators”, the mediator is qualified to handle residential mortgage modification mediations. The number of Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases where debtors are requesting mediation for the purpose of modifying their home mortgages is increasing. The success rate for modifications is also increasing and, at this time, about 70% of mediations result in modifications.

7. I was already certified through the DRC in Tallahassee as a Mediator in Foreclosure cases. I also obtained my Circuit Court Mediation certification. Is this another type of certification required to do Bankruptcy mediations?
In order to be a “mortgage mediator” in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida one must be a Florida Certified Circuit Civil Mediator; and have taken an approved 8 hour course. Accordingly, even though a mediator has been certified through the DRC (Dispute Resolution Center) to mediate foreclosure cases, it is necessary to obtain an additional certification by taking the 8 hour course that focuses on Bankruptcy Proceedings. “Modifying Residential Mortgages in Bankruptcy” meets the criteria of the Bankruptcy Court.

8. Who is the certification through?
Certification as a “Mortgage Mediator” is through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida by completing an 8 hour course that complies with the Bankruptcy Court’s Administrative Order (A/O) FLMB-2013-3. “Modifying Residential Mortgages in Bankruptcy” complies with the A/O and is approved by the Bankruptcy Court for “Mortgage Mediator” Certification Training.

9. How do I get continuing education credit in my state if your course is not already approved?”
Contact the division of your state’s bar association that focuses on CLE credits for attorneys. You will then need to send them the outline of the course. Each course has a downloadable PDF with an outline description that can be sent to the appropriate party.