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Mortgage Modification Mediation

Course Description

This course provides practical training with thorough review of financial documentation including but not limited to review of modification programs including HAMP Tier I and Tier II, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA/VA, National Mortgage Settlement (DOJ/AG), and in-house proprietary modifications. Banking and housing professionals augment the interaction between the government and industry guidelines and the legal ramifications and aspects.

Attorneys and mediators who seek better understanding of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s function with respect to the Mortgage Modification process will benefit from this course.

Interactive CLE Credits
9.5 General; 1.0 Ethics; CME Eligible* (50 minute hours)
Certification credits – Real Estate: 9.5; and Business Litigation: 9.5
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Course Outline

Session 00-01: Recording Time = 65 minutes (C. d’Angelis; W. Walker, Jr.; K. Foltz)

  1. Bankruptcy Mediation: A New Trend
  2. Bankruptcy Court Requirements for Certification
  3. General Consumer Bankruptcy Law – Hypothetical Consumer Debtor Scenario

Session 02: Recording Time = 50 minutes (J. Passer; F. Principe)

  1. Specific Bankruptcy Provisions in Consumer Debtor Bankruptcy Case

Session 03: Recording Time = 53 minutes (K. Foltz; J. Passer)

  1. General Florida Mortgage Foreclosure Law and Mediation Process
  2. Effect and Timing of Bankruptcy Filing

Session 04: Recording Time = 55 minutes (K. Foltz)

  1. Ethics and Diversity

Session 05: Recording Time = 67 minutes (T. Smith; T. Stevenson)

  1. Bankruptcy Court Ordered Mediation and Mediator’s Role

Session 06: Recording Time = 56 minutes (W. Walker, Jr.)

  1. Loss Mitigation
  2. Federal Foreclosure Assistance and Proprietary Programs

Session 07: Recording Time = 56 minutes (W. Walker, Jr.; M. Shemwell)

  1. Loss Mitigation Process
  2. View from Inside the Servicer/Lender

Session 08: Recording Time = 58 minutes
(W. Walker, Jr..; F. Principe; T. Stevenson;
C. d’Angelis)

  1. Debtor/Creditor Counsel and Mediator Viewpoints
  2. Mock Mediation
  3. Panel


  • Discover current residential mortgage mediation programs, techniques and nuances in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Gain CLE Credits: Florida – 9.5 General; 1.0 Ethics. Certification credits – Real Estate: 9.5; and Business Litigation: 9.5
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida Approved and complies with Administrative Order FLMB 2015-5 Mortgage Mediator Certification.
  • Review of modification programs including HAMP Tier I and Tier II, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA/VA, National Mortgage Settlement (DOJ/AG), in-house proprietary modifications.
  • Experienced Debtor/Creditor Counsel in bankruptcy and foreclosure mortgage modifications.
  • Accreditation is being applied for in other states
  • Access course anytime: online video anytime
  • Return to course sessions any time
  • Receive course certificate via email immediately
  • Supplemental materials available any time in PDF format
  • Materials downloadable, printable and iPad accessible
  • Review general consumer bankruptcy law
  • Garner practical training in required documentation for mortgage modifications
  • Perfect technical aspects Chapter 13 Chapter 7 residential mortgage modifications
  • Review specific bankruptcy provisions in Consumer Debtor Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Glean general Florida mortgage foreclosure law issues and mediation process as relating to bankruptcy filings
  • Comprehend ethics standards
  • Thoroughly review current loss mitigation and federal foreclosure assistance and proprietary programs
  • Obtain viewpoints from practicing Bankruptcy Counsel and Mediators
  • Easily assimilate consumer debtor/creditor issues via mock mediation and hypothetical debtor scenario
  • Experience skits designed to depict the many issues encountered in bankruptcy practice
  • Receive reference copies of bankruptcy court orders

Bonus Material

Mortgage Modifications by Constance d’Angelis, as presented to the TBBBA on Nov. 4, 2014
District Wide Mortgage Modification Resources

Straight Talk from a Veteran Chapter 13 Trustee

Special take away footage recorded live.

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* Accredited by The Florida Bar for Continuing Legal Education
This course is eligible for up to 9.5 CME hours. Mediators are required to self report those hours applicable to their areas of certification at the time of their renewal. For more information on the CME requirement, visit,, select Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation.