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Traci Stevenson

Traci Stevenson Traci Stevenson, Esq. is an attorney, Chapter 7 Trustee and member of the panel of mortgage mediators in the Middle District of Florida. She graduated from Stetson University, College of Law in 1991, cum laude; and has been practicing bankruptcy law since 1992 representing both individuals and businesses. Appointed by the Department of Justice to oversee Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed in the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, her role as a United States Bankruptcy Trustee includes managing substantial assets associated with Chapter 7 debtors, both individuals and businesses; and administering more than 1200 cases per year. Traci is a Civil Circuit Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Certified Florida Foreclosure Mediator, and Certified Appellate Mediator. Her prior work experience includes labor negotiator and police officer.