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Student Loan Course Coming Soon!

We are very excited as we near completion of our next course “Student Loan Debt and Its Remedies”! With it, you will learn how to:

Recognize how Federal and Private Student Loans differ and the ramifications of Private For-Profit school loan debt.

Develop understanding of Federal Administrative Remedies available to Student Loan Debtors.

Train in a practical fashion with outline of Federal Loan Repayment Options.

Consider U.S. Bankruptcy options, and loan forgiveness administrative provisions.

Widen awareness of Ethical issues and Malpractice traps for practitioners.

Examine Federal Administrative programs both Time-Based and Income-Based repayment plans.

Learn the consequences of Default and Delinquency; and the affect of Deferment, Forbearance and Consolidation.

Educate your staff and other attorneys who seek better understanding of the Federal Student Loan administrative remedy process.

Exclusive presentation by Nancy Cavey, Esq.
Author of: STUDENT LOANS –What They Didn’t Tell You

We will let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Until next time,
Constance d’Angelis

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