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Student Loan Crisis – A Tsunami

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  • As of March 13, 2013, there was already $1.2 trillion in Federal Student Loan Debt with $77.4 BILLION in Defaulted Loans!
  • More than 45% of US households carry Student Loan Debt.
  • 29% of Americans between ages 55-64 carry Student Loan Debt.
  • 13% of Americans Age 65-75 still carry Student Loan Debt.
  • These debts are being saddled on parents that have co-signed student loans on behalf of their children.
  • Many of these debts are with Private Lenders with Interest Rates as high as 18.25 – 40%!

There are remedies, (not Bankruptcy) but these Debts should be handled by qualified Attorneys and/or Mediators that understand the process and all legal solutions!

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Student debt - college education loan word collage.

Student debt – college education loan word collage.

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