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Student Loan Debt and the Remedies – Online Course

Course Description:

This course deals with federally guaranteed educational loans. The amount of Student Loan debt is substantial and exceeds other consumer debts. Only mortgage loans exceed the value of Student Loan debt for consumers. Student Loan debt is non-dischargeable in Bankruptcy, where other consumer debt is dischargeable.

The default and delinquency rates on these student loans are significantly higher than other unsecured obligations. Defaulted loans pose substantial problems for borrowers. In addition, collectors of Federal Student Loans are given special and extraordinary collection devices including offsets against a borrower’s social security payments, garnishment and other collection powers.

The solutions available to borrowers whether the student loan is classified as a Federal or Private loan are limited. The administrative solutions are complicated and the number of borrowers who are consulting attorneys to represent them is increasing.

The course identifies the types of Student Loan debt; and the options available to student loan borrowers based on current federal law including administrative and legal considerations. And, provides information on the practical aspects of dealing with educational loans through repayment plans, deferment, forbearance, loan rehabilitation, compromise and settlement agreements, and disability.

The course is applicable for lawyers and staff. There are alternatives available for restructuring educational loans pursuant to existing federal administrative programs. Where these solutions are not obtainable, this course notes both state court and federal bankruptcy court considerations.

Presented by:

Nancy L. Cavey, Esq. and Constance d’Angelis, Esq.

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Module 1 Online Course
Unit 1 Student Loan Debt and the Remedies - Session 1
Unit 2 Student Loan Debt and the Remedies - Session 2
Unit 3 Student Loan Debt and the Remedies - Session 3
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